Trezor Safe 3 on mobile device

Hi, I managed to receive everything on my Trezor Safe 3, andI am able to do everything on my Windows 11 device with the Windows app. If I connect my Android mobile phone though, the app says, that my wallet is empty. At first, I nearly died a sudden death, bur on Windows everything still is fine. I tried to search settings, that devices have to be synched somehow, but I didn’t find anything. Please help!

Make sure to enable all relevant coins on your phone. Trezor itself doesn’t remember which coins are on it.

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Hi, how do I do that? On my mobile device “synch my coins”? But where is the public key to scan?

scan the xpub that is shown against the account in trezor suite with your phone.

Ah, did that. Thanks. Just to understand it, I only can “see” this now on the Android app, still, if I connect my Trezor with the mobile phone, it says “wallet empty”. Is it also possible to actually see and read and make transactions when connecting Trezor with my mobile just as I do it on my Windows PC?

You mean to scan with via the Trezor App on an Android Smartphone from the Trezor Suite on Windows 11? As soon as I switch the Safe 3 from Windows to Android it disappears on my Desktop… How am I supposed to do that?

so on the PC get up the xpub QR code. For the account.
Then on the phone goto sync my coins, choose the account, then scan the qr on the PC.