Trezor One Wallet can't start in Boot Loader Mode

My trezor one wallet is on 1.6.3 firmware and I’m trying to update to the latest 1.11.2 firmware. The issue is that whenever I get to the screen that says disconnect, hold both buttons, and reconnect, the wallet does not launch in boot loader mode. I’ve been trying to connect it with both buttons held while plugging in for the past hour, and nothing is working. I’m assuming it’s either an issue with the 1.6.3 firmware being very outdated or the buttons are not working. This had to have been a factory issue since I hadn’t touched the wallet since 2020 when I originally stored my crypto there.

Is there any fix for this? I will not be purchasing or recommending Trezor again if I am required to purchase another wallet.


Having the same issue. Please help!
This is not good.

Hi @jonathanwms and @Pato20,

Please try if you are able to connect your Trezor in bootloader mode right from the beginning (without starting firmware update process first). In order to do that, hold both buttons pressed while simultaneously connecting USB cable to the Trezor.

After the device is connected in bootloader mode you should see the following screen in Trezor Suite:

If you can see this screeen, click on the green gear button to open the device settings:

Beware, a factory reset will completely erase your device, including firmware and your private keys. Therefore, make sure you have your recovery seed and passphrase (if used).

You can now click a factory reset button.

Please tick both boxes in the next pop-up window and confirm the action directly on your device.

You can reconnect your device and go to Trezor Suite then. Please follow the instructions to install the latest firmware, recover your wallet, and set up a PIN.

Information on how to perform recovery process cab be found here: