Trezor One only displays BTC Balances when I previously had ETH Balances

I transferred ETH to to Trezor One over 1 year ago. I have gone into the the latest Suite and can only see my BTC wallet. I recall the previous interface to the ETH wallet was a bit clunky where it was using a Beta wallet. Not sure how to access my funds from here. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

go to settings, Crypto and enable ETH

Hi forgi, I’ve enabled the ETH crypto but still zero coins in this wallet. Also has a discovery errror. My BtC coins are sitting in a legacy segwit account. Do I need to do something with this account type to display my balances?

then you have ETH in a different wallet or address, try to connect to Metamask if you see the coins there, also look for ETH here: