Trezor one Hidden Wallet empty

Help, my Trezor One hidden wallet saying empty even though I know the Passphrase is correct. My standard wallet works but hidden wallet saying empty. Please help

Hello @Snoop555,

If you do not see your coins and there are no unauthorized transactions, it’s likely that you are checking different wallet.

To find a correct wallet, you need to use the same combination of recovery seed (12 or 24 words) + passphrase as was used in the past.

Your situation is fully described in this guide and I advice you to perform all steps one by one:

Sorry for the delay in response. Yes I have same Passphrase and recover seed. Did a backup check and yes everything is the same but wallet still saying empty hidden wallet

I can see my Standard Wallet and transaction history but when I try hidden wallet, it always says empty hidden wallet.

any chance the coin you are looking for is disabled in Suite settings?