Trezor one - bug on the screen while downloading wallet software

Is it normal?

When did you buy this Trezor and from where?
Can you describe what steps you took when this happened?

We have seen devices do this in rare cases. Far as we can tell, the glitch just goes away when you unplug and replug the device, so it is OK to use. If it appears more than once, please let us know.

I bought a wallet on the official Trezor website on June 6th. The bug appeared when I downloaded trezor suit and started installing the firmware on the wallet. After disconnecting the wallet from the computer, the problem really disappeared, but I am writing on the forum to make sure that it is not malware and my cryptocurrency will be safe. If you have already encountered a similar problem, how dangerous can it be, and is it worth changing wallet?

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Thank you for the information.
This is definitely not caused by malware. The exact cause is unknown, but it is either a hardware glitch or some subtle bug in display output. It doesn’t seem to appear in normal operation.

It is not dangerous. Even in the worst case, your Trezor would just stop working and you would be able to recover your funds from the seed phrase backup. Much more likely, it will not appear again.