Trezor not working properly with metamask

Hello, some time ago my trezor started having issues with metamask on all browsers, except mozilla. Now even there sometimes doesn’t want to work. I tried reinstalling trezor suiteupdating metamask and clealing caches but it happens again.

When i try to make transaction, trezor window pop up, but later it disapears and metamask keep loading without response, so i have to restart browser. When i log in to trezor suite, it often shows that it found device in incorrect state. Then i replug it and the suite works, but with metamask it doesn’t always help. Sometimes i have to replug few times or wait some time. On some browsers it just load without response and on some i receive message “transaction failed, manifest not set, check github…”

I guess my device is getting broke? Or there can be another issue?


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