Trezor forum issues

Hi SatoshiLabs,

I can’t find the foum category Hardware issues from the drop-down menu of categories. Could you please add it to the drop-down list? Thanks!

I’d also be happy if you could increase the edit time for posts – without it showing an edited symbol – from 4-5 minutes to at 10 or 15 minutes, because I often edit my posts several times to correct spelling, add links to documentation, and so on. No big deal, but if it’s a quick fix I’d appreciate it.

the Hardware category is there, we do not allow new post there. Because any HW issues have to be resolved in the ticket and there is no point in creating same new topics. All info about HW that people need issues is there.

OK. I asked because I tried to move a user post into the Hardware issues category and couldn’t find it. As you know, I can’t recommend users to open a support ticket but must leave that to Community support personel. :slight_smile:

BTW, I couldn’t find info in the Hardware issues category about the issue this user has. Maybe you could add info about that in the category?

just a normal touchscreen issue

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Have you changed the forum access lately, to only allow Chrome and Firefox? I use Opera for browsing (Chrome or Firefox for using Trezor though) and can’t connect with that since yesterday or the day before.

no, nothing has changed

I found out what it was. When I disable the AdBlock extention in Opera, the page loads. Otherwise not. I’ve used this extention all the time and it only blocked the whole site about 3-4 weeks ago so something have changed on the site.

BTW, I don’t mind disabling AdBlock in this forum. It was only on per default.