About the Hardware issues category

In case you encounter one of these hardware issue with your Trezor device:

  • broken/non functional display and buttons
  • touch screen not responding
  • fatal error message
  • USB cable and port issue

please, go through the troubleshooting and open the support ticket here if the issue persists: https://trezor.io/support/a/common-hardware-issues

In the ticket, please provide the video of the issue along with your invoice.

If you bought from a reseller, please contact them directly.

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Trezor Model T Fatal Error - Firmware Update - Ticket ID: 121858

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Device → No display shown - Ticket ID: 121855



I solved my issue by logging on with another computer and recovering with my seed.


Hoping to get some assistance in re-opening Ticket ID 97795, about a glitchy screen that makes entering PIN numbers absolutely impossible.
Please DM me.

Thank you kindly!

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Ticket ID: 129578
error fatal cuando actualice

Thank you for providing the ticket ID. We will answer it as soon as possible.

Ticket ID: 134100


Ticket ID: 151795
Thank you

Hi, I purchase my Model T directly from Trezor several years ago. I have always been using my Mac OS with no issues up until yesterday.

The device lights up with a white light however will not connect to Trezor suite or the web based bridge via Chrome. Updates are all done. I have tried 5 different cables as well as 2 different Mac OS systems.
Ticket ID: 161738
Im looking for a solution asap, ok many thanks!

Damage was found on the upper part of my Trezor’s body (two points of unknown origin). Does this point to something? Or do all wallets have this

Hi @T1rcbn,

can you please share a photo of the points?

Hello, I have same problem with trezor T :frowning:

Is there any way to fix this error? Isn’t it caused by permanent switching of the touch layer of the display?
If so, is it possible to fix it myself? "Trezor T " was put on the table for half a year and then this error occurred.

I’ve had Trezor One since the company opened. A little while ago I bought a Model T off an official distributor online. Setting up the device was a nightmare. The screen would doulble and triple inputs randomly so that I couldn’t enter critical security data accurately. After struggling with it for three days, I returned the device. Looking online, I see quite a few similar reports–people suffering buggy touch screens. Is this really rare? Is it worth it ordering a Model T from Trezor?

Hi @AV2020,

I can confirm that issues with touchdisplay are rare. Feel free to order your Trezor Model T from our official eshop.

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I received brand new Trezor Model One in June 2023 and it’s different than my older Trezor. The buttons are loose and recessed more into holes. They rattle when shaking the Trezor. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it normal for new Trezor Model One’s?

I am really worried that I cannot get my crypto out of Trezor.

I cannot send my crypto from my Trezor.

The “HOLD to CONFIRM” key just won’t process. I tried many times.

I am really angry that I have to go through this.

Trezor bugs and glitches are too frequent.

I will be getting Bitbox. Trezor cannot be trusted and there is no timely customer support.

You have opened a ticket 13 hours ago, you now have the response. Thank you.

Good day, please advise me, my USB port works once in a while, can I give to any service center? Do I need to follow any security guidelines to keep my assets safe?