Trezor Device has driver error

I am currently unable to access my crypto accounts through the Trezor Suite desktop application as the trezor model T device connected to laptop through a USB port seems damaged: The device settings/manager on my laptop control panel indicated that the device has a driver error.

Can someone confirm , that if broken device is replaced with new Trezor Model T , that i should be able to access my accounts through respective passphases and seed passwords?

A little concerned right now to say the least!!

Hi @nigelw34,

Did you change the USB cable or port lately, or install a new USB HUB perhaps?

  • Make sure you use a cable which can transfer data and is not just a charging cable.
  • If you’re conencted to a USB HUB, make sure it’s powered.
  • If the HUB still doesn’t work, connect the cable directly to the PC.

No problem, so long as you have your Recovery seed and Passphrase, if used, written down so you can enter them when setting up a new Trezor device.

Your funds aren’t in your wallet, they’re in the blockchain in cyberspace. Your Trezor is just a key to your funds in the blockchain. So a damaged or lost Trezor device (or any other hardware wallet) is easily replacable and nothing to worry about – if you have the Recovery seed and any used Passphrase, that is. (Otherwise you do have reason to worry).

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