Trezor Bridge is Not Running?

Hi there, Trezor T owner here.

Fresh install of Trezor suite on a new PC. It says “trezor bridge is not running” (see screenshot). I have tried connecting with a standard USB to USB C, and a USB C to USB C. I’ve re-installed software multiple times and have followed all steps suggested on support website.

When I connect the device and enter my pin, nothing happens on my desktop. I had this same problem on my previous PC too. Both running windows.

Is this a common issue? The whole thing just feels buggy

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Hello ch3weh

Thank you for the detailed description of your issue with the Trezor Bridge on Windows. Since you’ve already tried a fresh install and followed the recommended steps, we recommend checking if any security software or firewall settings on your PC might be blocking the Trezor Bridge. Additionally, trying a different USB port or cable, if available, can help rule out connection problems.

For further assistance and technical support, please consider exploring similar cases on the Trezor GitHub repository: Trezor GitHub Issues. If the issue persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to Trezor support for more personalized help.

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