Trezor Addresses Missing After Turning Passphrase On

Hi there. Needed to re-install Metamask, now bunch of my wallet addresses are missing. After reading through other topics on the forum, I have seen some users with similar issues but no clear solutions. I believe it is related to turning Passphrases ON in Trezor Suite.

Here is what happened:

I have a bunch of addresses all under the same private key that I use with my Trezor. Approximately 17. I am 100% sure it is the correct private key that I recovered and also 100% sure this is not an issue with incorrect passphrase.

Before re-installing Metamask, I had about 17 accounts under same private key. Accounts 1 through 13 I never turned passphrase on in Trezor Suite. After that, I turned it on and created Accounts 14 and 15 (still as Standard Wallets with NO passphrase) then an additional two wallets, 16 and 17, with Passphrases that I have well documented.

After reinstalling Metamask and using my recovery seed. Account 1 was recovered successfully, but Accounts 2 & 3 are now what were previously Accounts 14 & 15. The Accounts 16 & 17 were also successfully recovered with the correct Passphrase.

So in short, I am able to recover the main Account 1 + all the Accounts I created AFTER turning Passphrases on in Trezor Suite, which is why I believe this is the root of the issue.

I have seen other users and moderators reference this, but I have not been able to find the actual solution.

Side note - before the re-installation, my Account 1 ALWAYS required me to confirm the tx through my Trezor (Standard Wallet with no Passphrase). After the re-instillation it no longer requires this… I am able to send transactions through Account 1 without any sort of Trezor approval.

If you have any ideas please share. I have a decent amount of funds in these wallets and have been trying to recover them for over a week now. Thanks.

that is your issue then, you put in your Trezor seed into Metamask and they became same wallet.

Uninstall MM and pair your Trezor correctly. If you want to see accounts without passphrase, then dont use passphrase (leave field for passphrase empty).

Thank you for the response. My mistake in recovering the Trezor seed into MM. Though even after doing it correctly I still have the same issue.

I only have one Trezor and I have never reset the device since I got it. The missing wallets were 100% Trezor protected (Standard), which would mean it is part of my only Trezor seed, right? I am also 100% sure that I never used a passphrase, I have sent many transactions in these wallets.

Since turning the passphrase option “ON” in the Trezor Suite it seems to have generated entirely new Standard Wallets. Now, in the Suite it only shows Accounts 1, 14 and 15 (the main + the 2 generated after changing the setting).

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I will repeat my previous answer, if you never used passphrase then don’t use it now, simple.

not possible, there is only one standard wallet and that is derived from your seed, any hidden wallet is seed AND passphrase.

Suite can only show 10 first addresses, so anything that you see as 14, 15 are only MM calls it.

Just reset everything in MM accordingly.

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