Transferring Matic to Trezor one


I want to transfer (Polygon) Matic from Binance to my Trezor one. I understand that being an ERC20 token I can simply transfer it using the Ethereum network, to an Ethereum address on my Trezor one.
On the contrary, if I choose the Polygon network I need a third party wallet, because Trezor suite doesn’t support the Polygon network.
I just want to keep my Matic safe on my Trezor, and my question is: apart from the higher fee I will probably pay using the Ethereum network is there any real disadvantage transfer it using the Ethereum network? What is more advisable/safe, using the Ethereum network or the Polygon network? Isn’t the Ethereum network more safe than the Polygon network?

Thank you very much!

it is completely up to you, you just need to use 3rd party app if you choose polygon network that is all.

Hello. I was reading your reply and I saw that you mentioned a 3rd party app. May I kindly ask you this. I sent from my Coinbase wallet some Sand tokens on the Polygon Network to my Trezor using and Ethereum address. Does this mean I lost the Sand coins being that I did not use a 3rd party app. I do not see my coins in the Trezor wallet. Can you please assist if you know the answer to this question. Thank you.

@Lsanders please watch the step by step video here and search the forum for related topics.

I’m having the same issue and I sent my matic through matic network and I don’t see them in my trezor. I am looking for answers to this specific problem. I have written trezor customer service all they say is to watch the video about using the 3rd part wallet…
Have you fixed this problem? Recover or made an r possible to access your tokens. If yes, Could you share how you did it?
Thanks in advance.