Transaction is not available in Trezor suite

I made a transfer and withdrawal operation from the crypto app to the BTC and Eth trezor addresses
The operations carried out to create the addresses in the Crypto app are to copy and paste the addresses from the Trezor.
After 5 days I checked on the trezor and did not see the payment.
I checked the addresses and they are different from those in the crypto app and I can’t explain why.

Hi @Alexo,

You see different addresses in Trezor Suite because you are accessing a different wallet. Either you use a different recovery seed (which is stored in your Trezor) or a different passphrase. To access the same addresses you copied from Trezor Suite and used as receiving addresses for your transfers, you need to use the same recovery seed and passphrase. You can verify if recovery seed stored in your Trezor matches your recovery seed backup with dry-run feature, instructions on how to perform this check with dry-run feature can be found here:

check your seed - Trezor Model One
check your seed - Trezor Model T

If your recovery seed backup matches seed stored in your Trezor, the only way how you can access a different wallet (with different set of addresses) is with a different passphrase.

You can read more about passphrase here: Passphrase - Trezor Wiki
and also in this post on our Trezor Blog: Passphrase — the Ultimate Protection for Your Accounts | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

I did the test and my personal recovery suit is correct with my pin.
The passfhrase I have created is only one.
the passfhrase wallet is empty.
Visible accounts have two coins created and both are zero and the addresses do not match the deposit addresses from Crypto.

Every time I try to press send in one of the BTC or ETH accounts, it creates a new address for me, different from the one I sent my crypto coins to and different from the one I did and saved on July 21st.

If check of your recovery seed was successful, a different passphrase is the only way how you can access a different (empty) wallet with different addresses. Please, check this thread and watch the video where it is described: [VIDEO] Passphrase manual and explanation

ETH address remains still the same for specific ETH account (within the same wallet) as ETH uses “account” model. However, BTC uses “UTXO” model in which you can generate a new address every time the previous address is used. Difference between “UTXO” and “account” models is described here: UTXO vs. Account Model

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