[VIDEO] Passphrase manual and explanation

This video explains the use of passphrase feature, including use in different 3rd party wallets like Metamask.

Watch carefully before using the feature or in case of issues such as missing the address or zero balance in the wallet.


My question about this is…

Each time I do anything in the wallet it asks me to input my passphrase…

Which is annoying because I prefer to do it on the trezor itself for security reasons.

IS there a way to only have to put in the passphrase once before I’m able to what I need to do?

I have some BTC in a Trezor T standard wallet; I just learned about HIdden wallets. How can I transfer my BTC from the standard to the hidden wallet?

same way as any other transaction, take receive address from your hidden wallet and send it there from your standard wallet

Thanks for the reply @forgi!

The trezor device does not store passphrases. The operation of sending coins from a hidden wallet requires a private key to sign, and the seed phrase plus passphrase generates a complete private key. That’s why you need to enter the passphrase every time.
If the trezor has a time limit for storing the passphrase, then the passphrase is not the safest choice.

nice explanation i have been trying to figure this out all day

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