There is an unauthorized transaction that I didn't make

If you did not authorize the transaction, there are two likely scenarios, since each transaction must be signed using the private keys to the respective address.

  • Someone used your physical Trezor device to confirm the transaction,


  • Your private keys (derived from your recovery seed) were compromised and the attacker used them to sign the transaction. If your seed words are revealed, anyone can clone your wallet, including your private keys.

To investigate further, please contact our customer support: customer support contact form.

Yes. This just happened to me with the last update. I needed some funds. Went to make a withdrawal and had to do a bunch of updates. Ended up having issues. Did a reboot with seed phrases and the hacker was waiting. Is it possible to get back? probably no.

please, open a ticket: and describe what exactly happened, we will follow up with questions.

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