The screen Trezor Model T does not respond if an external power supply is used on notebook

Hello team!

I have a problem with my Model T and Macbook Air M2. Only two Type-C are available to me, one of which is 80% connected to an external Samsung M8 monitor. When I connect the Model T to the second free Type-C, it turns on, but the screen does not respond to touch. I need to disconnect the second device (monitor) if I want to use Model T for work and transactions. I tried swapping ports. I connected the monitor via HDMI, I assumed that the problem could be due to the fact that the monitor is charging the laptop, but the result is the same. If both Type-C are used, I can’t work with Model T. Has anyone experienced similar behavior?

Same happens to me with the same Monitor Samsung M8

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Doesn’t the slap-top have any regular USB A ports, the old type? tried those?
Maybe a powered USB C hub is required?
Also check BIOS for USB settings, might be something in there?
Not what to say on this one, sorry

Clearly this particular monitor is badly shielded and is emitting some sort of electromagnetic noise that interferes with Trezor’s touch screen.

This typically happens with off-brand laptop chargers, so it’s somewhat surprising that a monitor can be causing it but :woman_shrugging:

I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done. You might try adding a ferrite core on the Trezor cable, to see if it helps. You can get a quality powered USB hub with its own shielding. Besides that, probably the only 100% option is unplug the monitor…