The firmware update won't start

  • Please see our user manual section regarding firmware updates by following this link: User manual: Updating the Trezor device firmware

  • If the above manual didn’t help:
    Windows users: is there an error message saying that the USB cannot be recognized properly or that there is a problem with USB drivers? If so, there is a problem with Windows USB drivers failing to recognize Trezor in bootloader mode. Please refer to this manual to fix this issue: Device not recognized in bootloader_mode.

  • If the above is not relevant or it didn’t help, check if the device is recognized by the device manager. If it is not recognized, try (re)installing the newest Trezor Bridge version from this source (once installed, please proceed by clearing your browser’s cache). After successful installation, you should see “trezord” process running in your activity/system/task monitor.

  • Trezor bridge is running and the device is still not recognized by Trezor Suit or Trezor Wallet? Try using a different USB cable or USB port, and make sure that you are connecting your Trezor with the cable directly to the host machine. Please don’t use a USB hub or adapter. Also, if possible, try connecting your Trezor to another computer.

  • If none of the above helped, contact our customer support here: Customer support contact form.