The display is dead

Try using a different USB cable or USB port, and make sure that you are connecting your Trezor with the cable directly. Please don’t use a USB hub or adapter. Also, if possible, try connecting your Trezor to another computer.

If this didn’t help, please contact our customer support: customer support contact form.

Hi, I bought trezor T from amazon last July 30, 2021. After a while the touch screen is not working anymore. I have a video that I can share that it isnt working anymore? Do Trezor can still give warranty for this? I cannot return it to amazon anymore because its been a month already. So I hope you can help me with this problem since Trezor Model T isnt that cheap.

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I already did that many times but it is not working. oKay thank you! ill contact customer support…

once you submit the form please get back to me here with ticket ID, thx.

okay here is my Ticket ID: 99634 … But it will take a while to reply it says like up 20 days…

Hi i got same problem, what is their solution please ?

@jamedos as stated in the initial post. Try using different cables and host devices, if the display won’t light up contact Trezor support via link given and ask for RMA.

I just bough my trezor 11/17/21 and MY trezor display is dead after I put wrong PIN i already tried to change cable change PC still wont work i bought trezor from NABLE communication from south korea — Ticket ID: 107588

Please check your inbox, your ticket has been answered.

i just bough my trezor around 12/12 and my trezor is can’t connect to my computer, is not display anything and i will try to change cable or computer already it still not working. please help follow up
it my Ticket ID: 115811

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Thank you, your ticket has already been answered.