The balance is not correct

Complete balance is gone and there is no transaction history available

If this happened after a firmware update, most likely something went wrong during the firmware update and your Trezor got wiped (this is a security feature). There is no need to worry, all you need to do now is run a recovery process using your recovery seed words. You can find a manual on how to recover your wallet by following this recovery manual.

Once this is done you should be able to access your wallet with all your coins.

Please, note that if you were using passphrase protection prior to the firmware update, then you need to re-enable it in the Advanced menu tab.

Passphrase protection issues

It is possible that you did not type the passphrase correctly.

  1. Please check all possible variations for a mistype (passphrase length can be 50 characters max, it is case-sensitive and all ASCII characters count - even an empty space is a character)
  2. Make sure that you have set the correct keyboard layout.
  3. When typing the passphrase, please click on “Show passphrase” so you can see what you’re typing. By “mistyping” the passphrase you will create a new wallet. For example, if you choose passphrase “sea”, this wallet can be accessed only when “sea” is typed in. If you mistype the word and type for example “see”, then you will create a new wallet under passphrase “see”, that is different from the one protected by passphrase “sea” (same with “Sea” or “SEA” etc. - passphrase is case sensitive).

NOTE: Don’t use these words, these are just examples.

I can see the balance, but it’s not correct

Is any transaction marked as “uncofirmed” in your transaction history? If yes, the network might be overwhelmed and it may take quite a significant time for a new transaction to be confirmed, especially if a lower fee was set (it can be hours or even days). You just need to wait. Your transaction will be either confirmed or returned to your wallet.

If you have no “unconfirmed” transactions, please clear your browser’s cache and refresh the page.