Suite import/transaction labeling and export with filter not working

Hello, we use your Wallet in our business using transaction labeling (with invoice number) and monthly exports (for accounting) but none is currently working in your Suite.

I have enabled labeling, but cannot find a way to label a transaction. Transaction import does not show option how to add label.

Filter is working, I can filter and see monthly transactions, but then export (both PDF,CSV) still exports the whole history, not only what is filtered out.

Can this be improved before turning off the “Wallet”? I tested both web and desktop Suite, both works the same.

you can label accounts and addresses but not specific transaction. If the address/account is involved in tx the label will show it.

Yes, I can see the filter does not work the same way in Suite. (in old wallet it works, I just tried to filter and export single transaction)

I will pass on your feedback to Product team.

I would like to ask, after the old version of the web wallet stops serving by the end of Jan 2022, if I want to change the background made by myself for the trezor one, where should I upload it?

if you have it changed already it will stay on your device.

I mean upload new pictures to my device. Change the theme in different months.

I don’t have information at the moment about when will this be available in Suite

Address label is fine to recognize partner, but still if we have multiple transactions between same addresses it would be good to label a transaction too, like a reference when making bank transfer.
It works on Wallet, why not keep it same on Suite.

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I hope you can convey to the programmers that the function of customizing the trezor one interface and uploading to the device is needed by someone, thank you in advance