Suite can't be used in China!

trezor suite is blocked by the government. suite was unable to load any wallet balances.
Could you consider adding this option in the internet properties in the next suite version,
To allow users to use their own vpn to use the suite (and warn that this method may lead to privacy leakage).
In addition, the trezor official website and forum have been blocked by the government.

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hi @BtcLtc

I can see that both Trezor Suite website and backend url(s) are being blocked in China .

Thus the only solution would be to use the VPN / use custom backend.

Also, could you please clarify what do you mean by:


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after vpn is on,web can be used but app still can’t connect.
I guess it is because the traffic on the application side cannot customize the path.

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Also can not be used in China, in the help you reply a method, in a version you can set the port. But I can’t find the corresponding version, please download the relevant version there.

you can use a custom backend or try using electrum backend:

There is nothing we can do about some country blocking specific web pages/traffic

Uploading: tref262c-d125-40b8-a71c-82e9c170a6.jpg…
How to use this version?

Uploading: tref262c-d125-40b8-a71c-82e9c170a6.jpg…

I don’t know what you mean by this question. Maybe @BtcLtc can help.

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Some Chinese netizens asked about the suite, recommending them to use the web version of the suite. Or let them use softrouting themselves to get around the blockade.


Hi @liduola,

Please only english here, or post in the Other Languages category.

All right. thank you I speak English to describe the problem

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English, please! Do not write anything but english in the regular forums. There’s a separate category for other languages. Why do you insist on writing chinese here when you’ve been informed about this before?

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Okay, okay, you’re right

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