Stuck at check for device

I can not proceed past “check for the device”. It doesn’t allow me to proceed

after pressing the button.

windows linux macos ?
does the trezor work with trezor suite.

have you tried different ports, cables.
did you put the PIN in on the screen?

not much info to go on

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Yes, it works with the suite.
The cable is brand new.
Yes, Pin done on screen.
I have got the latest version of the suite and the trezor is up to date with firmware.

This id driving me Bonkers. Any help would be great

Also says I have a model T when I have the Trezor safe 3.

This is expected, Bridge doesn’t know the difference and the text was written before TS3 existed. In all likelihood this screen will say “model T” for every future model.

it seems Metamask is trying to use webusb but it should be using bridge.

try the following:

  1. remove Metamask extension
  2. (ideally delete all data for in your browser, but that shouldn’t be necessary)
  3. close all browser windows
  4. start Trezor Suite
  5. open browser, reinstall Metamask, try again

will it still have the same wallets or will it be fresh MM?