Storing AVAX private keys on Trezor T via Metamask

Hi there,

I want to transfer my AVAX from Trust wallet to Trezor T via Metamask.

These are the steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Created the MM wallet
  2. Linked Trezor T with MM by exporting public keys
  3. I’ve added my ETH account to MM
  4. I’ve added the Avalance C-chain network to MM

Now, when I open MM and switch to the Trezor account and Avalanche C-chain network on that account, the receiving address is my Trezor ETH address (I wasn’t able to find any other receiving address). I plan to make a test transaction, will it work if I send AVAX to this particular Trezor ETH address while on AVAX C-chain network? I suppose that it will since AVAX is EVM-compatible but I am not 100% sure.

Given that the reasoning above is correct, will the gas fees be paid in ETH if I decide to move AVAX from the Trezor ETH address to another address in the future?

I am not quite sure how this works. Thanks.

Hi @blablabla,

See if this can help you:

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@Petosiris, this is fantastic, thank you.

Great video, I wasn’t aware of chainlist org, this is super useful. :+1:

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