Solana on trezor ANOUNCEMENT

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Unfortunately I can not add Solana to my Trezor, at the moment :frowning:
I have tried to update both my Trezor Suite and the Firmware, but it says ‘‘no new updates available’’.
Should I wait for the new firmware and/or the rne Suite update, because I can not add the coins either.
Thank you in advance.


It might have to do with your tinezone.

Just wait a little longer…

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I am from the European Union, but yeah, it might be something connected to my timezone, thanks.

I received an email this morning saying that Trezor modelT now supports Solana.

It is now 8.44pm. I have the latest version of Trezor Suite and also the latest firmware. I tried updating both,but they are already the most recent available.

I can’t see how to add Solana to my trezor. Is there something we need to do?

It would be really good when these enhancements are released if there was also some detailed instructions about what we need to do to be able to use the features.

Do we have to buy a new Trezor to be able to use it with Solana?

Please advise what I need to do . . . … .

Once you updated, you have to activate the coin/account in Trezor Suite.

There are two ways how to do it:

  1. navigate to + button on the left panel in My accounts:


click + Active more coins:

select Solana and confirm with Find my Solana accounts:


  1. Go to settings (geared wheel icon on the right up corner):


Click on Coins tab:

Select Solana (once activated it will be framed with green colour):

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I tried the above directions on my Model T but Solana isn’t showing up as an option when I
go to “Add Coins”. My software is current and I did the usual troubleshooting. Is Solana support
supposed to be live everywhere, now? Does anyone have suggestions?

then you are not up to date yet.

Try updating the device FW (to 2.6.4) via web interface:

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