Shiba Inu dollar value not showing

I am a new Trezor user so please excuse me if this question is overly basic or answered elsewhere. I searched the forums and support articles but I wasn’t sure if what I read will solve my issue, so I figured I would post the question here.

I transferred SHIBA INU from my Coinbase account to my Trezor One wallet using the Ethereum network. The transaction appears in my accounts list and if I look under “Tokens”, it shows the SHIBA INU tokens that I received from Coinbase. However, the dollar value is not listed in that account and it does not get added to the value of all my assets. What do I need to do to have the dollar value appear in my accounts listing?

Hi @kenjpete,

please, find the answer here: SHIB in TREZOR One as ETH token without Euro value