SHIB in TREZOR One as ETH token without Euro value

I use the TREZOR One for proper storage of BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE and also SHIB.
Although I know the wallet’s main function is displaying all balances in digital amounts rather than reporting them in fiat currencies like USD or EUR, it’s weird to see all assets also in Euro - except the SHIB/Shiba Inu.
I have followed all advices to first install the SHIB with the accurate token contract key from Etherscan as ERC20 token within the ETH#1 account and my TREZOR Suite is up-to-date (version 23.10.1).
Besides, I could see a SHIB balance with Euro value in a YouTube video.
Who can explain what I have to undertake for improvement?
Yours, FarView

Hi @FarView,

I can confirm that you should be able to see the fiat value in the “Tokens” tab. We are aware that fiat values for ERC20 tokens are not currently displayed in Trezor Suite for some users. Our developers are working on solving this issue. You can find information about this bug at FIAT Value of ETH tokens is not showing · Issue #9163 · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub

Right now, the only option is to count the fiat value of the ERC20 manually. You can use for example for getting the latest fiat value rate.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, I believe this issue will be solved as soon as possible.

Good evening @radekP ,
thanks a lot for your prompt response.
I understand the Support team is working on a solution.
Looking forward in reading more.
Best, FarView

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It’s happening for me too. Have you had any solution on your case?

Hi lukas1,
thanks for your question; and no, there is no progress in this specific respect.
I just keep waiting, because @radekP explained Support be working on it.
My planning horizon is eight years plus, and until then, ERC-20s’ values may be displayed.
Regards, FarView

Hi @FarView and @lukas1

The issue has been fixed in the latest version of Trezor Suite (v24.1.1, currently available in Early Access Program - EAP). Information on how to enable the EAP can be found at in the section “Experimental features (optional)”

You can also download the EAP version (v24.1.1) from our official GitHub repository at Release v24.1.1 · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub

Good Evening @radekP ,
thanks a lot for your detailed response; and yes, I noticed that the current SHIB value is displayed now under the Token tab of ETH/ERC-20s. However, the value is not added to the wallet’s total amount and the history/purchase lines still don’t include the purchases’ values (at the points of time of their purchases, respectively).
Means, all in all, there is good progress so far, but I believe you and the Support team may continue spending efforts. @lukas1 , please just verify your situation and provide thoughts.
Thank you again, regards, FarView

Good evening @FarView,

Thank you for your feedback! We are aware that the value of ERC20 tokens is not in the Dashboard or in the graph in your ETH account. Currently our Trezor Suite devs are working on a solution, displaying ERC20 tokens fiat values should be implemented in one of the future releases. Currently, there is no ETA.

New to Trezor, just let you know that I have the same problem.

I am following this. I thought I just randomly lost my investment (Shiba Inu).

Good morning @radekP and all others,
I just noticed a very remarkable progress on my TREZOR One:
The total of my SHIB ETH/ERC-20 tokens is now added to the entire wallet total balance amount.
Thanks a lot for this very useful change that makes all users happy.
Regards, FarView

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