Sent VeChain to the Ethereum address

Hello, I made a shipment from VECHAIN’s binance to the etherum address but nothing has arrived, what can I do


there is a manual how to recover it in this article: How to recover VET sent to an Ethereum wallet | Point 5 talks about Trezor wallet specifically. Please note, during the process you need to expose your seed, so I strongly suggest to move all other funds to another wallet before trying to recover it. I strongly suggest to do your own research to understand the issue. Thank you.

Hello, but if Trezor accepts this coin, I don’t know why it was lost.

VeChain did launch a new mainnet token that is no longer using ERC20 token standard. Unfortunately, VeChain team decided to use the same address format that is used by Ethereum and because of that users and 3rd party services can easily mistake the VeChain mainnet token address with Ethereum address.

Right now VeChain has two different tokens on two different network: VEN (the ERC20 token called “VeChain” on Ethereum network) and VET (the non-ERC20 coin called “VeChain Thor” with its own network). I would suggest contacting VeChain token team regarding your issue since this issue was caused mainly by the fact that they are using same address format (ETH one) for their mainnet token.

To sum it up, only ERC20 token can be used with Trezor device, not the mainnet token running on its own blockchain.

Thank you very much I hope to be lucky and get them back

Hi everyone,

I made the same mistake as you: Daniel7110, did you find a solution?


i had the similar issue and it got fixed, if your not fixed let me know

If it may help other people with the same problem, then please consider to post your solution here.

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@makiswap @kolin

Hi, Can you guys please post your solution. I have the same issue. I’ve basically transferred VET (from Binance) to my Trezor after adding VEN token under Ethereum!!! Now all i see there is 0 VEN!

BTW, did find this workaround:

BUT as you can see they’re asking us to type in our Trezor 24 words into an online tool call BIP39!!!

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having a HW Wallet!! Trezor clearly says to NEVER write those words anywhere except on paper, and CERTAINLY NOT ONLINE!!

Am I missing something here…

Please advise…

Thank you!

Hi @peterpan since you used an incorrect address, your only chance now is to recover the tokens by following the tutorial you posted. However, as you noticed, it requires your seed to be exposed, therefore you should make your decision after really thinking it through. If you decide to proceed, do so after sending the rest of your funds elsewhere.

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