Sending from the Coinjoin wallet back to Std BTC wallet

Hi folks
After funding my Coinjoin wallet with BTC I started a coinjoin transaction (after approving the number of mixes and fees). However, after waiting 3 hours it still hadn’t joined a mix so I chose to cancel it (there is an option to do so). I wallet disappeared however, I found it again, waited patiently for it load my funds, and then tried to the complete amount back to my standard bitcoin wallet. However, it would allow me to send the full amount because of transactions fees and that the process was not completed. Has anyone else has this issue? Frankly my confidence is now low that Trezor have done the proper due dilligence to get this working properly and want to exit the coinjoin wallet - what are your views?

Hi @fred2,

do you see an error message after sending a transaction from your conjoin account? If so, please post a screenshot of this error message.