Sending ETH from KuCoin via OPTIMISM network and didn't see it on my Trezor

Hi everyone!
Today I sent 4 ETH to my Trezor wallet from the Kucoin exchange to the address indicated in the Trezor. I choosed OPTIMISM network because the transfer fee was low.
And now I see my ETH at this address here:
But I don’t see it on my Trezor.

How can I see it on my Trezor wallet?
Have you any instructions for this?

Thanks for help everyone!

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As I see here - Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet. , my Trezor One is support Optimism ETH. But I can not see my ETH on my Trezor wallet :frowning:

as you can see in the list, you have to use 3rd party wallet.

Please, watch this video:

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