Scam website in the application

Why the hell do trezor suite advertise a scam website ?

Just under my balance there is a message : VISIT HTTPS://scamming_website TO CLAIM REWARDS

The website is asking for your passphrase to claim reward.

Please refer to Scam airdrop to understand how this works @Naymx

Has nothing to do with trezor or trezor suite.

Most probably has to do with stuff you search login subscribe. Keep in mind that your address is public anyone can send tokens to that address/account.


Just fell a victim to this. SMH. Sizable amount too and part of my savings.

Is there ANY WAY that these ads can be permanently removed from Trezor Suite?

Also, with the funds gone, what’s the risk of the attacker hacking my computer or gaining access to my personal information? Do I call my bank and freeze all my accounts?