Same passphrase for 2 hidden wallets

Hi everyone, my first post on here,
i think i’ve messed up bigtime. i think i set up a second hidden btc wallet ( empty) using the same passphrase as i used for the first hidden wallet( which has my funds in it) now when i put in the pass phrase, all i get is the empty wallet and when i put the passphrase in again it says that the wallet has already been discovered ( i.e. the empty wallet) fk, please help if you can
may thanks

use the learn section to understand passphrase wallet before using them.
The trezor generates a new wallet based on the passphrase. It doesn’t remember passphrase wallets created in the past.
If you type the same phrase in a second time, you get the same wallet as last time.
If you type something else it generates a new wallet.

Since the wallets are calculated from algorithms, they are always going to be the same if the same seed + passphrase is used.

Thanks for the help, yeah i think there must of been a typo in the first pass phrase as otherwise the first wallet would of shown up when i used “the same” pass phrase instead of creating a second wallet. guess i 'll have to brute force it then

I am having the same issues too. I can see my coin(doge) on the doge blockchain network but my Trezor is still showing Empty Hidden Wallet and I know for a FACT that my Passphrase is correct. Yes I am losing my mind with this. Please let me know when you solve yours and I will do the same