Restoring (24 word) Trezor One seed with Trezor Model T -- Re: Cardano ADA Support & Daedalus


Couple quick questions.

As per the title: I restored Trezor One (24 word seed w/passphrase) to Model T.

All assets from Trezor One successfully show up when using my new Trezor Model T in Trezor Suite etc. (Huzzah!)

I am looking to take custody of Cardano.

Question 1: Will there be any compatibility or support issues on my Model T with respect to Cardano and the Daedalus full node wallet, if I use a restored 24 word seed (and passphrase) generated on a Trezor Model One?

Question 2: If there are fundamental compatibility issues with using a restored Model One seed on a Model T, should I create a new seed with the T and transfer assets?

Question 3: The primary impetus for this post really has to do with pairing my Trezor T to the Daedalus full node wallet; I keep getting an error: “Exporting the public key failed.” – I do have a passphrase enabled and I’ve read that that can cause issues. I’ve got the most up to date firmware and version for both the Trezor Model T (2.4.3) and Daedalus (4.6.0) wallets.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you!


"Thank you for contacting the IOHK Technical Service Desk. We look forward to helping you with your request.

Unfortunately Trezor firmware 2.4.3 that was released on December 9th is not backwards compatible with Trezor-connect, a component that Daedalus uses to communicate with the device. We are awaiting for a release of Trezor-connect from Trezor developers to be able to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, the only possible alternative is to downgrade the firmware on your device to version 2.4.2:

  1. Downgrade to 2.4.2 Firmware downgrade - Trezor Wiki

Please let us know if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist.

Thank you,
The IOHK Technical Service Desk"

Yes. If you’re using a 24-word seed, it will be incompatible with Daedalus and other Cardano hot wallets.
(If you ever need to import the seed into a hot wallet for any reason, it will import fine, but you will not see your funds. You would need to use another Trezor to restore and access the coins.)

As long as you only want to use the seed on a Trezor, everything will work fine.

12-word seeds are not affected by this problem.

In addition, there’s ongoing work to fix this compatibility issue. This is already resolved on the firmware side, a change to the wallet software is also needed. In the future, you will have a choice of an account type between Trezor, Cardano and Ledger on the same seed, similar to Bitcoin account types.
(As with Bitcoin account types, you will need to move your funds between the account types though.)

Again, as long as you’re OK with always using the seed with a Trezor, you will be fine.