Removing accounts generated in Ronin Wallet

Hi, so I have my Ronin Wallet extension all set up nicely. My only issue - there are 2 accounts generated from the Ronin Wallet, not Trezor itself. I want to reinstall to remove those two.

What will happen to my assets if I uninstall and reinstall the extension? My understanding is I will need to reconnect with my Trezor device.

  • Will I be rid completely of the hot wallets which I never want to use?
  • So if we use a96f as my assumed last 4 digits. Entering a blank passphrase as I currently do. a96f will appear in the 50 addresses generated?
  • So as such, will my Axie Adventure levels be maintained? There will be no new address generated, yes?

Extra question - I plan to add a few more Ronin wallets connected to Trezor. Do I have to create them in Trezor Suite? Or do I just add them from any of the 50 addresses that will display in the Ronin Wallet “Connect Hardware Wallet” option?

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