Recovering Ethereum from Trezor with Old Firmware

I’m currently facing a challenge with my Trezor hardware wallet and an old firmware version (1.6.3). Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the recovery seed, which prevents me from upgrading the firmware. How can I downgrade or bypass this firmware update so I can send my coins to a different wallet before updating the firmware and potentially wiping my wallet out…

Thanks in advance

Hi @NeedHelp,

You can upgrade the Firmware without needing the Recovery seed, it’s only if something goes wrong during the upgrade that you’d need the seed. So it’s a risk doing this without having the seed, but you don’t strickly need to have it to perform a Firmware upgrade.

(There’s one exception to this rule and it’s specific to one version of the Firmware, but what was a long time ago and I don’t remember the version number just now.)

You can try the web version of Trezor Suite and see if that works without upgrading your Firmware.

It’s wise to move your funds to another software wallet or online wallet first.
Then set up your Trezor from scratch and make a new seed.
Please don’t forget to do a backup during setup and write down the Recovery seed on a piece of paper!
Lastly, move your funds back to your Trezor device.