Problem with sending BTC from Trezor error signification transaction

When I try to withdraw bitcoins to another address, it shows this error:

error signification transaction: -26: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Signature must be zero for failed CHECK(MULTI)SIG operation)

I have been observing the same problem for 3 weeks now, report everything to support, I personally care a lot about it, I hope the problem is on the side of trezor and it is solvable.

App support is not responding. I sent a request through the site by clicking on the “unconfirmed transaction” item. There is also [email protected] mail, you can write to it. This is a serious problem, because nothing can be done with bitcoin. It is only possible to exchange them within the application for usdt and withdraw to an external wallet. But at the same time, part of the funds on the commission will be lost.

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I have been struggling with this problem for more than 2 weeks, unfortunately the support has not helped anything yet.

Hello, I’m new to using trezor, besides I don’t know English well and please don’t blame me for using a translator.
I recently came across the fact that I can’t send a transaction from my trezor from a btc wallet.
I attach the error code, Google did not help me with this and I do not understand what the problem may be, I am trying to send it through the trezor program or through the website, so far I have not connected my trezor to any other third-party wallets.

Transaction signature error: -26: optional script verification flag (signature must be zero for failed (MULTI)SIG VERIFICATION operation)
Separately, I can attach a log of my actions. Thanks.

Hi @JackChaika9

Could you please open a ticket using this form ?
Please state what fw version are you on and send the application log as well.

We will answer it ASAP.

Thank you, I sent my letter to support, unfortunately I will not be able to attach the log as a file, but I copied it.

I note that this problem was noticed not only by me alone, but also by two of my friends, we purchased devices in different places.

I have the same problem… I’ve already reported the issue to the support and hope they get in touch soon - because my funds are paralized.

Hi @Crazy172 hank you for opening the ticket. We have already answered, please provide all necessary information requested so it could be forwarded to our QA team to test.

Good afternoon, please tell me how long will my application be considered? I am very worried about the funds, I understand that they will not go anywhere, but this worries me)

Hello. I have the same problem as mentioned in this thread. What should be my next steps?

QA has not been able to replicate this issue unfortunately. You can try using a different backend for example Electrum server…manual is here in section How to connect to your own node (you need to use desktop version for this).

Apparently, many people have the same problem. Members of this thread mention their friends who have the same problem. Not everyone will install their own node, because it is technically difficult. As a result, it turns out that the purchased Trezor wallet is useless. Perhaps, after all, there are other ways to solve this problem?

you do not have to install your own node, please read the article, you will just use custom backend

Also, this seems to concern Bech32 addresses, have you tried different type of address?

I tried to send bitcoin to other addresses (not Bech32) - the result is the same.

Regarding the installation of Electrum Server, I use Windows, are there instructions for this operating system?

there are instruction in the article…

What I meant is to receive BTC to your other addresses (Legacy segwit) and sending it from there.

I installed Electrum but Trezor is not accepting the server

Hey @Crypto_Nomad89 ,

you have to add whether :t if SSL is not used or :s for SSL right after the port number