Problem installing my Trezor

I have a Trezor One and I’m having an error while installing it:

Error: hidapi: hid_error is not implemented yet

I’ve tried with my MacBook Pro M1 and with Intel Macbook Pro too and several cables with and without USB hub.

Trying to install Universal 1.11.2 firmware.

Hi @nasper,

this error message may appear when attempting to update the firmware from a significantly older firmware version.

Try to factory reset your Trezor. First, please connect your device in bootloader mode. In order to do that, swipe your finger across the screen while simultaneously plugging the cable into your Trezor Model T, or if you have Trezor Model One, connect it while using your index and middle finger to hold both buttons pressed.

After the device is connected in bootloader mode you should see the following screen in Trezor Suite:

Click on the green gear button to open the device settings:

Beware, a factory reset will completely erase your device, including firmware and your private keys. Therefore, make sure you have your recovery seed and passphrase (if used).

You can now click a factory reset button.

Please tick both boxes in the next pop-up window and confirm the action directly on your device.

You can reconnect your device and go to Trezor Suite then. Please follow the instructions to install the firmware, recover your wallet, and set up a PIN.