Polygon godex exchange trezor t lost coins

hi all i sent some usdt to polygon token on trezor t on the godex exchange and it says sent on there website and also on the pos chain but it wont show on the trezor suite nor web suite

i then sent more polygon with a different exchange i think was 1inch and that went threw perfectly so i am wondering why i cant see the first one?

and whats gone wrong it was sent 24 hours ago and still nothing

think you have to use metamask to view polygon and it’s tokens…
have you tried that?

i can view the other polygon sent from different exchange i did it straight after and can view it fine there some type problem with the exchange or trezor but it does say its sent to the right address

have you checked the blockchain on polygonscan to see if it there?

yes its been sent to address but doesnt show on trezor but after i did two more transfers to same address it shows the only difference was the exchange place

Hello @extest,

You have probably sent the tokens over the Polygon network, that is why you can’t see them in Suite, because the Polygon network is not supported natively in Suite.

In order to see and manage the tokens, a 3rd party wallet like Metamask must be used.

Please contact us with the ID of that transaction via our support panel, we will check the network and tell you about the next steps that need to be done.

i open a ticket on the get help part been two days and no email back it sounds like what your saying is correct well the exchange sent them wrong network which is weird cause i picked them threw the trezor suite exchange on eth network

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