Please help me, I´ve sent funds over wrong network

Please, I need help. I´ve sent wMEMO on AVAX c-chain, TSHARE and sHEC on Fantom chain to my Trezor model T on Ethereum Mainnet with Metamask UI. Now all tx fail whether I try to withdraw or deposit. I can see all my assets but I´m not able to move them in any way. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.

Hello guys. I´ve been trying to get help on many different occasions here in the forum in several different categories but the lack of support is mindblowing!! I´m a new user to Trezor and made my biggest lose ever in my entire crypto journey when I transfer my money to my Trezor because I didn´t know that it would be impossible to get support if help needed. I sent my assets from Avalanche and Fantom network directly to my Trezor model T wallet address on the Ethereum Mainnet with Metamask UI. My mistake 100%, but I can´t be the only one (I hope) that has made such a rookie transfer action mistake or am I? I know the assets is retrievable somehow since I´ve managed to rescue other assets I´ve sent over wrong network, just can´t figure out how to deal with this when the Trezor is involved. I can see all my assets but I´m unable to deposit, withdraw, stake, unstake and on and on. I was able to transfer the assets to my Trezor but now they are stuck and the assets have been droping ever since so I´m down over 10K usd because I cannot fix this by myself. Please can somebody give me some advice on how I can correct this. I don´t want to ride too much further down… I´m soooo glad I wasn´t leveraged in this position, in that case I would have been wrecked totally.

Do you actually see the coins on ETH network in your MM?
If yes, you need some ETH to pay the gas fees, otherwise provide details about failed tx.

If you do not see them in MM, connect to and search for the correct network and add it to your MM, this has been answered many times on the forum.
If you still getting any errors, kindly share screenshots, make sure you are using correct passphrase.

do you mind telling us the ticket number that you have been waiting for the answer?

Hello. Sorry for late answer. No I don´t see them on ETH Network, but I can see some of them in MM but on the Fantom network. For example I can see my FTM/TSHARE LP token but I cannot deposit back to pool or move to another account. I spoke to MichalZ and asked where I can find any ticket number but that´s where the contact ended and no more answer.

Connect MM and trezor, select the address on your suite as the wallet, and change the network to see if the address has corresponding coins.

Ok, I´ll try that… Thanks

I can for example see LP tokens FTM/TSHARE in MM which is supplied as liquidity on spookyswap but not possible to deposit in pool or remove liquidity. Some say it´s only to reset MM and all funds will be back??? I´m kinda nervous to do that since most of people have recommended to do it on lots of different pages than metamask, but so far I havn´t dared to do that since I´m afraid to lose them all… The rest of the coins that are staked is sHEC and wMEMO and those are also visible.

If you send the coins to an address on the suite, it doesn’t really have much to do with MM. You can see these coins with this MM, and you can still see these coins with another MM connected to the trezor.
You can use another browser, install the latest version of MM, connect to trezor, and find the wallet address. See if you can send coins. Different chains require different coins as gas fees.

I don´t even have to have the trezor connected to see the coins in MM, just shift to the trezor account. I haven´t used the suite. It just pops up a trezor window and a ring that says “loading” forever and nothing happens. I have at least some coins in my wallets on 6 or 7 different chains to cover for gas fees when making tx.

Hello. Have You go got any idea on how I can continue? I can´t send coins or even approve spending.

Hello? Where did You go? Can´t You help me? I´m still losing money every day until I´ll be able to fix this, but I need help cause I can´t fix it by myself. Please!!!?

Which coins on which chain cannot be transferred for what reason?

You can install new MM in a new browser, connect to trezor, find coins and try to send, provided you have enough gas.

wMEMO on AVAX c-chain
FTM/TSHARE LP token on FTM Opera and
sHEC on Fantom Opera. When I try to move them a trezor window pops up saying loading like forever and eventually transaction fails. Ok, I´ll try with a new MM. Thanks for helping me man, very appreciated. Find it very disappointing that trezor support shows no interest in helping me with this. You are just a very kind person, right? You don´t work for trezor support but still help me. Very nice of You. Oh I wish I hadn´t bought 3 trezors if I´d known about this.

I bought 2 trezor one

Me too and one model T. Haven´t done the move yet, get back here as soon as I´ve done that. Thanks again man

Now I´ve created a new MM but When I connected the trezor another ETH address was created than the one I have in my main MM and I couldn´t find any money. :frowning_face:

Install the new mm with a new browser and create the mm-trezor wallet. If you use the original mm to create a wallet, of course, you can only choose other addresses.
Also, the passphrase used must be exactly the same.

I did that, it just created another address which I haven´t seen before. I might have unintentionally created a hidden wallet with a passphrase that I sent the money to. I have later on disabled the passphrase since I couldn´t remember what it was and I have only the recovery seed written down. I guess this can affect the whole operation or won´t it? Can I try to figure out what passphrase I entered or is it only a certain amount of times one can enter that, or can I reset somehow with the recovery seed? Thanks for putting up with me!! :slight_smile:

you cannot reset the passpshrase, if you forgot it, your coins are lost