Please help me I can't see any funds in my eth address

So I lost my trezor model t and I am trying to recover it using a model one I have just purchased. I got my trezor model t around 2020 would the seed generated be 12 words or 24 words? (I have so many seeds from different wallet I lost track) Also I can’t remember if I used a passphrase or not. I do remember having a pin and I entered it when I was using it with Metamask every time I plug it in or after like 10-15 minutes I have to reenter the pin. I never have to put in a passphrase to sign my Metamask transaction only the pin code in the beginning so does this mean I probably didn’t use a passphrase correct? My understanding is that you have to enter a passphrase to sign every Metamask transaction is that true? I need help cause when I try to recover my wallet it doesn’t show the correct eth address and I went to alot of pages and also changed the derivation path from the bip44 to the legacy option (on Metamask) and I still couldn’t find it. What should I do?

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