Pincode malfunction after update

I just updated my trezor one via trezor suite. Update went smoothly but now my pincode isn’t working anymore.I triple checked it? Do I have to use the seedphrase now?

You can use advanced restore to restore the wallet on the trezor device itself as you do when entering a pin.
As long as you have seedphrase, there is nothing to worry about.

what and how is the advanced restore for trezor one?

It is a method that does not require entering words on the computer, but only needs to follow the sequence displayed on the screen to select a safe way to restore the wallet.

WHERE can I find “advanced restore” in trezor suite??

or on the device itself?

If i plug in my trezor device in trezor suite and it asks for py pin, it only shows the the cyphers nothing else, and since I tried it more than once it takes a longer time to confirm that it is the wrong pin. So WHERE can I find the advanced restore or any restore for that matter???

I have to be quite honest and tell you in shame that I put in a wrong pincode, I was so convinced that it was the right one, but it wasn’t. Shame on me! I did manage to log in with the right pincode, so it was NOT a problem from Trezor after all. So sorry :woozy_face:

You may delete this thread because it was MY fault.

no worries @lenas we all make mistakes :wink:

and thank you for getting back! we’re glad that your issue has been resolved.

I will be closing this thread then.