Phishing attacks

Have you encountered any phishing attacks on Trezor users? Report them in this topic please.

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I have a Trezor T and have been good for several months but recently i was air dropped a token called into my wallet. How can i remove it, what do i need to be aware of, and should i buy a new trezor t to transfer all my other tokens too? Thanks!

I face the same problems 2 days ago. the abshiba just appear on my trezor t out of nowhere. what should I do???

Hi, the airdropped tokens do not pose any risk to the rest of your coins and tokens stored on Trezor.
You can either decide to ignore the tokens, or you can create a new wallet with your Trezor device and transfer your whole portfolio there, if you do not wish to have the airdropped tokens in the same wallet for some reason.

Have you been able to solve the problem because the same thing happened to me?

@Roberto805490 see the post above, the tokens do not pose risk