Phishing attacks

Have you encountered any phishing attacks on Trezor users? Report them in this topic please.

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Please note, that Trezor does not directly contact customers. If you receive any phishing emails, text messages, or phone calls, disregard them and report them to us.

Never give your seed words to anyone, and never enter them into any website or form. Always use the official Trezor Suite and website only.

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I received this today in a text:
“Trezor Suite has recently endured a security breach, assume all your assets are vulnerable. Please follow the security procedure to secure your assets: http : // dpsio . ink”
From: +1 (210) 686-1984

Take the bastards down

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I have received the same message twice now.

@neumeric thank you, reported.

I have been receiving SMS from several phone numbers in Monterrey Mexico, which are obviously false and fraudulent (probably pishing); I share them with you so that you can be alert.

So how is there not a data breach, if they’re contacting Trezor users? I have fallen for this scam and somehow the scammers took the funds out as i was on the system in real time. I don’t see how they could go into my wallet as I was in my wallet at the current time. I wish I could actually get a hold of customer support.

because if you gave them the recovery seed (that is what the scam is about), anyone with your recovery seed can access your funds.

they are also contacting people who never owned Trezor, it is not possible to tell where the breach comes from, there were multiple hacks recently on several crypto-related websites in the past. But we are looking into it anyway.

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The scammers found your phone number somewhere and sent you a text message. Where and how they got your phone number I don’t know, but I suspect it’s data from some obscure online exchange or participation in airdrops. However, these messages aren’t sent to all Trezor users. I have never received any such message, for instance. Then again, I’ve never participated in any airdrop either. It may be a coincidence, but I have a hunch it’s connected. Also, I don’t use online exchanges anymore to store coins.

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Neither have I. @Petosiris agreed

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