Phishing addresses


For some reason, three new addresses have appeared on my Trezor list of ETH tokens. Maybe when I added the Gala address.

These addresses are:




Since I have had these random addresses, My Gala has duplicated. For example it’s showing 2x GALA addresses. For example I had one Gala address with 100,000 Gala units. It’s now showing two.

Please advise if my Trezor has been compromised.

Heiii @Thithir15

Those might be scam airdrops

Refer to this post to learn more

Hi @Thithir15,

@rimaS is right, the tokens you mentioned are so-called airdrops. For more information check the thread linked it the previous post.

The reason why you see two Gala tokens is that this ERC20 token has been recently migrated to version 2. All users who held Gala v1 on their ETH address received the same amount of Gala v2 (this is a legitimate airdrop).

You can recognize Gala v1 and Gala v2 by the contract addresses they use:

Gala v1 (old one): 0x15D4c048F83bd7e37d49eA4C83a07267Ec4203dA
Gala v2 (new one): 0xd1d2Eb1B1e90B638588728b4130137D262C87cae