Osmosis Support

Hello, on the website it says Osmo is supported by Trezor both models inside Trezor Suite but I don’t see it. Was this old info? Is it considering ERCs? Was it an ERC at one point? Wondering about it. Thanks

Hi @BuddyLawrence,

You know, I see you have read a total time in this forum of <1 minute before you wrote your post. As in any other forum you’re supposed to search for answers before you ask for help, right? At least that’s what we expect people to do here.

This time I’ll help you a bit on your way simply by linking to a post I wrote a few hours ago in a case quite similar to your own. I think you may find some answers to what you wonder about there. But, frankly, don’t expect my help next time, if you don’t show more effort to read, search, research and learn.

What an “ERC” is you can find out yourself on Internet or wait for someone else to help you. Good luck!

What a pompous response. Anyone with an iota of maturity can notice this. I searched for an hour outside of this forum and inside this forum to the best of my ability and not a minute, (I searched outside of being logged in, can you use your brain?). I am new, and according to your response my effort is nonexistent. I suppose my ability to navigate this forum is too paltry for you. Do you even know what Osmo is? It would take 5 seconds to explain to me why Osmo is on the list of trezor suite supported coins and why it’s not in actuality. I never want to use this forum again nor ever have any type of conversation with you. Good luck!

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Hi @BuddyLawrence,

the reason why it is listed as a supported coin in our coinlist is that Osmosis was an ERC20 token (ERC20 tokens are supported). I checked the status of the Osmosis now and it looks like they shifted the token under the Cosmos Hub network which is not supported, thus this version of Osmosis is also not supported. The information at https://trezor.io/coins/detail/osmosis has been updated.