Not reeiving ADA staking rewars anymore

I have not received any staking rewards lately, and the last time I did, I received like 75% less than usual. Is there something with the suite app or the stake pool? Oversaturated or something?

Staking is of course one of the best things, so I would like it to work as it should. And it is annoying that you cant unstake and choose another pool in the suite app.


we have not seen any reported issues, you can check the saturation of pools and ROIs on explorer, list of pools here:


@Arend85 FYI, the amount is decreasing over time. It is by design, similar to halving.

Also, to mention, the formula for block minting has some randomness to it, so it is recommended to evaluate rewards over larger period of time. During one epoch a pool can mint no blocks or 300% (and therefore same rewards).

Not received anyting for three weeks now though.

So, how long could this last? Still nothing received.