Newly generated BTC address & transaction is missing from the wallet

I initiated a new Trezor with seed & passphrase and generated a new BTC address. Sent some bitcoin to it, the transaction went successfully through, but when I open the wallet, the address is missing.
Note that I have been through all potential issues posted here:
trezor. io/support/a/i-don-t-see-my-crypto

Check your passphrase. If any mistake in it then your wallet will be always different.

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I agree this would be the most obvious reason. I have tried all options and possible typos, also this is a phrase that is very familiar to me and I had to type it twice when generating the receiving address.

Heiii @Reonide

99.9999% of the this happens is due to inputing the incorrect passphrase.

Usually one missed typo and you are generating a new wallet with no funds.

Was the TX in question confirmed? Is The address you generated available on the wallet you are now accessing?

But like I said most likely you are inputing a different/new passphrase

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Hi @rimaS, thanks for your advice.
I have analyzed the situation and arrived to the same conclusion that I must have typed the wrong passphrase, even thought it must have occurred twice plus once reading it out on the Trezor interface.
Since I had a reasonably good guess where I could have made the typo and the format of the passphrase, I was able to run a brute force attack application and, as a result, after 5 hrs of the application run, I have successfully retrieved the passphrase. Great success :slight_smile:
Indeed, the typo was one letter missing out from the passphrase.