Newbie: Non-ec20 tokens transferred to same Eth account in Trezor

Hi, I hope you can help… I have transferred ENJ, Gala, Mana, Spell, OGN & GRT tokens from Coinbase to my TRezor… all into one Etherium wallet… Help!!
They are all sitting in a wallet called Ethereum #2. The tokens all show and their values update regularly… But I do not know how to move them out and into a proper wallet/account or back to coinbase so I can start to transfer them properly into appropriate Trezor accounts.
I have a screengrab of the situation if that helps.
THank you, Steven

what do you mean by “proper account”? ERC20 tokens are on ETH chain and they are supposed to be on your ETH account. To send them just send them as a regular transaction.