Trying to understand ERC20

Hey folks,
I am trying to understand how to use ERC20 tokens on the Trezor device. I understand that the ERC20 private key for Ethereum is the same for all ERC20 coin transactions. However, when I received my ERC20 coin, I was able to see it under Ethereum, but there is no option to send the coin. How am I supposed to be able to use my ERC20 coins?

Hi @rapture333

this has already been discussed e.g. here:

Thank you,

So now I understand how to receive tokens, and received 1 ChainLink. However, how do I send the coin now that I received it?

Hi @rapture333

In order to do so you can just fo to your ETH account (the same address where your ERC-20 token is) and click on send button.

In the next step, when filling up the amount you will simply choose what token you wish to send (as shown on the picture below):