New update in Firmware made me a new wallet instead of recovering the old one

Hi! Long time i havent used my trezor one wallet. After i plugged it in. It shows it needs to update my firmware. After updating, ,
I choose recover, but It was all empty and it shows different address when i checked the addresses. It also doest show the previous name of my trezor wallet. I think the update made me a new one instead of recovering my previous account. What should I do? Thanks

Hello. I experienced exactly the same issue. After updating the firmware on my old Trezor and now connecting it to my computer, it tells me to set up a new account. I didn’t set up a new account because I am worried that when I do that, I cannot access my old account with all my crypto at all. This really stresses me out and I don’t know what to do.

I hope you gentlemen still have the seed phrase, otherwise your crypto is lost. But if you have the seed phrase I would advise to do a factory reset and choose the option to “import an existing wallet or recover wallet” and then enter your seed phrase. This way you will recover your wallet.

PS: Before you do any update or anything risky, you need to have your seed phrase backed up.

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Hi Remzi, Thanks for your reply and the help. When I connect my Trezor, it tells me to set up a new wallet. Luckily I do have my seed phrase but how do I access the factory reset?

If you’re in the start screen there should also be an option to import or recover an existing wallet.

See recovery process: trezor .io/support/a/trezor-recovery-issues

Hi Remzi, Many thanks.

You’re welcome :+1: And I wish you the best with your crypto journey :pray:

Sorry, it’s me again. I just connected my Tresor and there is no Button saying something about recover your wallet. It only states to set up a new wallet.

I will check on my computer shorty. Do you still use an older version or did you apply the new software update to the suite? I need to know because I use the latest version. If not, update your Trezor suite so we are on the same page when I go check my PC

A new version came out couple days ago.

It tells me in step 1 “Device” to install the new firmware. I can only access step 2 (“create a new wallet” or “recover wallet”) when I go through the installation process. I am hesitant doing this considering the experience that I just had that after installing new firmware, I cannot see my wallet anymore but it looks like there is no other option?

You need to do this process. If you have your recovery seed there is no need to panic or be afraid. Just make sure your recovery seed is backed up and that it’s valid (So make sure you didn’t make any mistake when you wrote down your recovery seed, otherwise You’re also out of luck).

Hi Remzi, I just wanted to give you a big thank you. I was able to recover my Trezor with your advice and can now go to bed and sleep well. Do you know if the recovery seed is still valid, or do I have to set up a new one?


@Paulmervin Remzi was very helpful and I was able to recover my device with these instructions: trezor. io/learn/a/recover-wallet-on-trezor-model-one

I’m glad everything worked out fine :+1::blush: So, what I meant by backed up is: Making sure you wrote the seed phrase in a correct way and put it on a metal backup, like the Trezor keep metal or something similar.


HI REmzi, i had the same problem now. havent used my trezor for a long time and asked me to update firmware. however it me made me a new wallet. I decided to recover with the seed words and when it finally finished, 99% of my coins were not there anymore. i felt it was not my original wallet or my coins disappeared during the recovery phase or during the update. I need help. I am dying. Lost all my bitcoin. Thanks

I did a factory reset again and did a recovery wallet and still lost coins. oh well. God has other plans

You also need to activate the other coins again when you do that. Did you also check this?

Also, calm down. Nothing is lost :sweat_smile::+1: