New Model T Wallet BTC Account Addresses


I added the coins to my wallet account on the Model T.
I noticed the “BTC account” generated/created two btc addresses.
They are both unused. Is it OK to use one of those unused addresses?
Can I use both addresses if I wanted to? I just want to use one though.

Thanks in advance.

The sesond address is fresh address is a newly generated address that has not received any previous transactions. It is recommended to use a fresh address for every transaction, as this benefits user privacy.

Trezor Suite generates fresh addresses for each transaction. When receiving coins, it is possible to receive multiple payments to the same address. However, it is recommended to use a new address for each transaction.

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Thanks MichalZ, but will both addresses be able to receive incoming BTC from an exchange? They are both unused addresses. I havent withdrew any coins to the wallet yet, as Gemini has a 7 day waiting period for new wallet addresses. I generated a fresh address by mistake. Thats why I have 2 BTC unused addressess now.

Yes, both addresses will be able to receive any bitcoin on-chain transaction (doesn’t matter if it is from exchange or not).

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