Need help! I updated to new trezor suite and now hidden wallet is empty!

Hi everyone I’ve been a trezor user for 6 years, Today I logged into my suite after installing the new suite and go into my hidden wallet and it’s telling me my hidden wallet is empty! I know for a fact it’s the correct passphrase, it goes to a screen that says “confirm hidden wallet empty”. I’m freaking out here! I saw another topic on this but no solution.


Hi @tca,

Please tell us a bit more about your situation so we can narrow down the possibilities.

  • When you open your Hidden wallet, does Trezor Suite tell you it created a new wallet for you or does it go directly to the Discovery routine before opening the empty wallet?
  • Did anything go wrong during the update of Trezor Suite?
  • Have you changed anything in Trezor Suite after you updated?
  • Is the Remember function in Trezor Suite set to ON of OFF?
  • Have you enabled the coins you have in Trezor Suite?
  • Did you also update the Firmware?
    • If so, did anything go wrong during that update?
  • Have you been in a situation where you had to re-enter your Recovery seed?
  • Have you imported your Trezor’s Recovery seed into other wallets?
  • Have you changed PCs or keyboards?

Please make sure you’re entering the correct Passphrase when you open your Hidden wallet. The Passphrase is case sensitive and space is also a character.

If your Passphrase contains non-ASCII characters, like æøåüãñé or similar, then make sure you enter the correct character. Generally a Passphrase should only contain ASCII characters to avoid future problems, especially with other keyboards.

What was the other forum thread you saw that had the same problem as you, but without a solution?

@tca Hello, I’m in the same situation!.. can you tell me if you found a solution to your problem? This is the most nightmarish situation. All my funds are missing, it claims the hidden wallet is empty! thanks

I’m in the same situation What can I do? My wallet is empty but when i check the adress where I send the BTC are with funds. But I don’t know how can i get them!


I’m in the same situation
I can’t see one wallet and the last deposit into my main account is missing
It went to an empty wallet which showed the transaction but not the rest of my bitcoin
When I logged out and back again I can see my main amount but the last transaction is missing
When using my pass phrase to log in it asked twice which it does for an empty wallet
Confused and irritated is an understatement
7 day call back time for support

Hello, you are using the wrong passphrase therefore opening a new empty wallet.

Most likely there is a typo in your passphrase.

There could be many reasons like fat fingering a keystroke or sticking keys on keyboard.

Another common fault is caps lock was on when you created the wallet.

This is very confusing.

Does anyone have a technical proven explanation, why resetting something will miraculously allow access to a hidden wallet. If! the Mnemonic Phrase has not changed AND the Salt (Passphrase) is correctly entered!

I don’t get it.
Mnemonic Phrase + Salt (Passphrase) will give you access to another wallet. This should work at any time you fire up your Trezor. Why does a reset help?

If the Passphrase will randomly access the “correct” wallet, then:

  • The user is the problem. (Did not enter the correct phrase, Keyboard layout, Fat finger, etc.)
  • The routine using the Passphrase is not deterministic

I’m not in the position to judge anybody’s “I can not access my hidden wallet” issue, but I am operating in an untrusted environment where I cannot trust anybody.

Here is what I will do:
Set up a fresh HW wallet w/o and w/ a passphrase with no funds in it. I will check the BTC address of each wallet and repeat the access to each of the wallets x times. I have no idea how many times! If both addresses will match always, then I have more trust in a machine than in human!

I will post the results once I feel comfortable to do so!

The only logical explanation I see is after formatting resetting or what ever the person entered the correct passphrase for the desired wallet.

Believe it all comes down to not inputting the passphrase for tge correct wallet

Good luck

What worked for me was turning off my Mullvad connection lol

seems all USA mullvad servers dont work on the Trezor backend anymore :frowning:

Still , mullvad has nothing to do with your Trezor not opening your wallet be it standard or hidden. It just doesn’t give you an internet connection.

If you don’t input the passphrase for the correct wallet you won’t be able to access your funds be it with mullvad tor or anything else.