Need help! I updated to new trezor suite and now hidden wallet is empty!

Hi everyone I’ve been a trezor user for 6 years, Today I logged into my suite after installing the new suite and go into my hidden wallet and it’s telling me my hidden wallet is empty! I know for a fact it’s the correct passphrase, it goes to a screen that says “confirm hidden wallet empty”. I’m freaking out here! I saw another topic on this but no solution.

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Hi @tca,

Please tell us a bit more about your situation so we can narrow down the possibilities.

  • When you open your Hidden wallet, does Trezor Suite tell you it created a new wallet for you or does it go directly to the Discovery routine before opening the empty wallet?
  • Did anything go wrong during the update of Trezor Suite?
  • Have you changed anything in Trezor Suite after you updated?
  • Is the Remember function in Trezor Suite set to ON of OFF?
  • Have you enabled the coins you have in Trezor Suite?
  • Did you also update the Firmware?
    • If so, did anything go wrong during that update?
  • Have you been in a situation where you had to re-enter your Recovery seed?
  • Have you imported your Trezor’s Recovery seed into other wallets?
  • Have you changed PCs or keyboards?

Please make sure you’re entering the correct Passphrase when you open your Hidden wallet. The Passphrase is case sensitive and space is also a character.

If your Passphrase contains non-ASCII characters, like æøåüãñé or similar, then make sure you enter the correct character. Generally a Passphrase should only contain ASCII characters to avoid future problems, especially with other keyboards.

What was the other forum thread you saw that had the same problem as you, but without a solution?